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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ten Terrible Jokes About What Snooki Will Name Her Baby

1- Snooki plans to marry her boyfriend and change her last name to Lawrence. She will reportedly name her son Gary Tyler Lawrence, and call him GTL for short.

2- Snooki plans on naming her child after the place it was conceived. The child will most likely be named Denny's bathroom. 

3- Snooki wants to name her child after one of her Jersey Shore castmates. Jenni if it's a girl, Pauly if it's a boy, or The Situation if it's ugly.

4- Snooki's baby will be her first child, so she plans on naming it something very important to her, Booze.

5- Snooki made a deal with a bodyspray company and named her child Axe. Although, Eedent was an odd choice for a middle name.

6- Because Snooki's child will bring her a lot of publicity when it's born, she already has a name picked out whether it's a boy or a girl: Available For Parties.

7- Snooki supposedly came up with a name for her child while drunk at a club. We'll let you know as soon as she stops vomiting and can tell us.

8- Snooki wants her child to have a better life than her. So she decided to name her kid Jersey Shore Hawaii.

9 If Snooki has a boy she wants to make sure he does well in school, so she'll name him DJ Pauly A+.

10- Snooki wants her son to work in finance, so she will name him Bookie.

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